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Carl Zeiss OPMI Neuro NC4

Carl Zeiss OPMI Neuro NC4
Carl Zeiss OPMI Neuro NC4
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Carl Zeiss OPMI Neuro NC4
Condition : Refurbished
Product Includes:
Zeiss Opmi Neuro Microscope
NC-4 Floorstand
F 170 binoculars tube
Superlux 301 illuminator & Light guide
300 W Xenon Light w/Halogen Backup
Fiber Optic Cable

Features :
Optional Side Observer
Face to face bridge
Variable, Motorized Focal Distance
0-180 degree inclinable binoculars
Easy Balancing
Clear Optics

The OPMI Neuro/NC 4 System's controls were designed with the user in mind.
The handgrips, for example, provide access to every key microscope function thus ensuring an assistant is not required while the surgeon is autofocusing,
taking photo- graphs or using other documentation features.  

for more information you can see this site link : https://www.zeiss.com/content/dam/Meditec/us/download/certified-pre-owned-systems/OPMI%20Neuro-NC4.pdf

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